Bicycle Accident Deaths Have Risen 10% in the Last Year

Despite the growing popularity of bicycling, the infrastructure of most American cities has lagged behind the trend — and cyclists are suffering as a result.

In a world that is still dominated by car travel, cities have not put in the effort that is needed to convert streets and sidewalks into bike-friendly paths. Without the presence of bike lanes or other structural changes to protect the safety of bikers, the growing population of people who use bikes are being injured, or dying, at a higher rate than ever before.

Vice reported that “Cyclist fatalities have gone up 25 percent across the U.S. since 2010, and up to percent in 2018 itself, while all other traffic fatalities have decreased.”

These statistics, while staggering, may not be shocking to someone who relies on a bicycle as their everyday mode of transportation. Without specified bike areas, cyclists are susceptible to injuries that result from collisions with vehicles, passengers, and car doors (a phenomenon known as “dooring,” in which a person in a parked car opens their door into a person on a bike).

The dangers of biking are especially prominent in highly-populated urban areas, which account for 75% of all bike accidents. New York City has lost 19 cyclists so far in 2019, Los Angeles had a total of 21 bike-related fatalities in 2018, and San Francisco saw 203 instances of “dooring” from 2012 to 2015.

The majority of these incidents can be attributed to insufficient infrastructure, as well as driver recklessness and a legal system that does not punish reckless drivers for their negligence. Although many cities have paths labeled as “bike lanes,” simple designation does not prove as effective as building barriers or establishing car-free roads. Additionally, law enforcement often fails cyclists by not identifying anonymous drivers in hit-and-run accidents. Many bike accidents are the fault of drivers and city administration systems that do not protect bicycle riders.

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