I Forgot to Take Pictures After a Car Accident — What are my Options?

One of the most frequently-repeated pieces of advice for what to do after a car accident is to photograph the crash scene. The reason for this is that those pictures can serve as crucial evidence in your collision claim, helping to establish your case, and therefore, helping you recover compensation. With photos, you have physical evidence to prove your account of where the accident happened, the damage that occurred, the resulting injuries, and more.

As important and heavily-stressed as this piece of advice is, it’s also easily (and understandably) forgotten. Following a car accident, there are many other things running through the minds of injury victims: Will my insurance cover this? How am I going to repair my car? How can I get in contact with the other driver’s insurance company? Collisions are also extremely jarring, and a driver may not be thinking clearly at all. It is also possible that someone may be physically unable to take pictures of the accident scene because of their injuries. In these scenarios, what are your options? How can you help your case without photographic evidence of the collision’s aftermath?

Security Footage

If the accident happened near a business or on a road with traffic cameras, you could use that footage to as evidence in your claim. Our lawyers can help you recover surveillance videos, if applicable.

Vehicle Damage

The damage done to each vehicle can provide insight into how an accident happened, and therefore, who is liable. For example, damage to the back bumper of one car that is mirrored in the damage to the front bumper of another car could be evidence of a rear-end collision and prove the liability of the driver with the damaged front bumper. Experts can evaluate vehicle damage to establish fault in a collision case.

Other Photos

Even if you forgot to take pictures, the other driver probably remembered. Or, pictures could have been taken as a part of the police report. It is highly likely that there is some photographic evidence of the accident scene, and if the other driver was at fault, that evidence can be helpful to you.

It is important to stay calm and remember than you are not completely out of luck. While camera phones have made proving fault in a car accident case much easier, it is not impossible to prove fault without this type of evidence. Our experienced attorneys are well-versed in car accident litigation and are available to discuss your case.

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