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A divorce doesn’t affect just your personal life, but your financial future as well. At Ortega, McGlashan, Hicks & Perez, PLLC, we look after your post-divorce lifestyle by helping you establish a fair spousal support plan. Our attorneys have years of experience in Texas, and with the help of an effective staff, our El Paso firm works to get you a spousal support plan that is in your best interest. We also represent clients with existing support plans who need to modify the payment amount to reflect their current financial situation.

Are you eligible for spousal support?

In Texas, to be eligible for spousal support after a divorce, one of the following scenarios must be met:

  • The spouse making the payments must have been charged with an act of violence against the other spouse or their children at some point during the marriage, during the divorce proceedings or within two years of filing
  • Your marriage must have lasted 10 years or longer
  • The spouse receiving the payments is also the custodial parent of the other spouse’s child

How spousal support is calculated

Once you are deemed eligible to receive spousal support, a court will calculate the monthly amount owed. There isn’t one consistent formula to calculate spousal support in the state of Texas, but a family law court will look at a variety of factors in your case, including:

  • Length of marriage
  • Age of each spouse
  • The separate earnings of both parties
  • The potential earnings of both spouses
  • The amount each spouse spent on his/her children’s health and education
  • Property
  • Any family violence or infidelity during the marriage

How a prenuptial agreement can help

Many people set up prenuptial agreements to protect their assets should their marriage come to an end. Our firm helps decide if a prenuptial agreement is right for you and goes through the necessary steps to implement an effective plan to secure your future. It’s important to know how difficult prenuptial agreements are to overturn, so the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney is important to the process.

Modifications of existing agreements

At Ortega, McGlashan, Hicks & Perez, PLLC, we understand that the financial situation you are in now might not necessarily reflect the finances of your original spousal support plan. If you are making less or more money than you were when the plan was established, our firm helps modify the support agreement to complement your current situation.

The loss of a job, an unexpected illness and retirement are all valid reasons for a court to change or terminate your payments altogether. Whether we worked together to establish your original plan or not, our skilled spousal support attorney is ready to advocate changes in your spousal support payment amounts.

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